Having served 5 years in the British Army, including a 7 month stint in Iraq, I decided to leave and entered the world of banking just before the financial crisis started. Recently I have also been involved with a couple of start-ups, so have observed the inner workings of both big and small organisations first hand.

I have been lucky to have worked with a range of very complex and interesting people. A number of these people I would consider to be friends, many more I like but there have been a number I do not.

A common theme that has followed me throughout has been my ability to build the trust of those around me quickly. I have often found myself being confided in about very personal or sensitive topics.

My aim is to share some of my findings and experiences in this blog. I appreciate any feedback or differing views, I certainly don’t expect people to agree with everything I say.

The one thing I would say, which I offered as advice many times, is that there is no single answer to most situations. We all have choices. Which is why I find people fascinating and why I love dealing with people………..